About us

While some may call us “The best print brokers in the west”, we believe that we’re more than just brokers – we’re your marketing resource partner.

Printhink is your link to the printing industry, and we like to think of ourselves as a member of your company, working towards your goals and helping you complete initiatives. Not only that, but with your best interests at heart and our ear to the ground within the industry, we aim to bring you ideas and solutions that you may not have considered.

How do we do all this? We implement state of the art systems and are active members of the printing and branded product industry, with suppliers all over the world.

And the best bit? We guarantee to save you money in terms of the value for money you get out of your current marketing expenditure.

Are you not sure how working with Printhink would be good for your business? Check out this comparison graph that we made up of the difference between working with us and DIY.

Comparison flowchartComparison flowchart

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