Corporate eStores

Do you find yourself or your employees spending more than minimal time on setting up business cards, flyers or ads for multiple other employees?

Do you have multiple branches or franchises all sourcing the same product, either from you or from their own suppliers?

Do you have remote sales people looking to order or purchase collateral on a quick and easy, as needed basis?

As the old adage says, if you answered yes to any of the above, or even had to pause to think about it, then it’s worth a chat with Printhink about setting up a Corporate eStore for your company.

The key elements of Corporate eStores are automation and brand control. Repeat after us:

Automation and Brand control.

A Corporate eStore is a flexible spot on the internet where Printhink can set up a special, interactive online store just for you, your employees and whoever else you want to invite. There’s a variety of things we can use it for that will save you time and money, including:

Online design of business cards and other collateral. Simply insert the details required, and our system typesets the printed piece right there and then… no need for a designer to set up a single business card!

Purchasing or ordering of inventory from head office or Printhink.

Providing a retail site for your customers.

Centralized repository for company information & sales details.

There’s so much more to Corporate eStores, contact Printhink today to discuss implementing your Corporate eStore.

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