Marketing Material Sourcing

Printhink Solutions specializes in providing complete management of your company’s graphic communications products.

Managing multiple providers for printed materials, promotional goods and marketing services can be both a strain on resources and confusing when fielding multiple phone calls and quotes. Printhink Solutions is your single source for all marketing materials, and we leverage our partnership with suppliers all over the world to ensure that our clients receive the best service, best product and best price in the most time effective manner.

While the strength of the Printhink solution comes from providing an overall branded good purchasing plan, here’s some of the areas that we can help you increase your companies profile and bottom line:

Commercial Printing

Whether you’re looking at getting a new run of brochures done, or you want to set up a whole suite of printed products to support your sales team and company in their endeavors, we will find the best value for money fit to your requirements.

When it comes to commercial printing, there are a whole host of factors that need to be considered apart from the cost of the final printed product, like the most appropriate manufacturer (available machinery, availability, location, sheet size), paper (we supply or manufacturer supplies), shipping (cost vs distance) and more.

Commercial Printing

Promotional Products

Whether you’re wanting to look great at the next tradeshow or equipping all your sales people with gifts for customers, promo products are a great way to perk peoples interest.

Not just caps, shirts and bags, we can source almost anything you may want, including:

Desk accessories
IT Products
USB hard drives/keys
Stress Balls
Green Products
Corporate Gifts
Wrist bands & Lanyards
Golf equipment & balls
Novelty Ideas

One of the most important things to remember with promotional products is that they are an incentive – to perform, purchase or promote, they can be a key driver in the recognition of your brand.

Got a crazy idea, or no idea at all? Try our promo product search engine, or give us a call, tell us what your looking for (in loose or exact terms) and we’ll come back to you with a variety of options and ideas. It’s all part of the Printhink service!
Sportswear and promotional products   Promotional Products

Stationery & Forms

These are the basics of printing, but they also are a major contributor to the brand and functionality of a company.

Pre-printed forms can reduce re-work and on-site printing costs through economies of scale. In other words, if you have staff printing off forms on an ink jet or laser printer on a regular basis, then you could save your company real dollars through reduced toner and cartridge use while also increasing the perceived value of the form through options that only professional printing can afford, like full bleed, increased paper choices and higher DPI (dots per inch).

Stationery & forms

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