Multi-touch Marketing

“It is my dream to be able to send out a marketing campaign and know exactly how many on my list responded. Not only that, but to have different responses and prompts depending on whether they responded or not… automatically.”

Can you imagine doing the above, sending out marketing campaigns that are smart enough to automatically prioritise and respond to clients interactions, or lack of interactions? To be able to keep in touch with your marketing list long after you send out the first piece of marketing material?

Printhink can help you do all this and more.

We can work with you to plan out a multiple touch (what is a touch?) campaign to engage your clients and prospects on a direct, one-on-one basis, through any type of media you would like to use, including:



SMS (Text Message)

QR Codes

Regular mail





Whatever else you can think of

How do we do this, and link it all back together into one cohesive response report, which you’ll have access to when your campaign is running?

Printhink utilizes PURLs and GURLs to facilitate a feedback loop between your customer and your company. They’re the jam in the marketing jelly roll, the rug that really ties the campaign together.

Using PURLs and GURLs within a campaign allows us to utilize a variety of media and provide measurable response rates for your marketing dollar. Even better than that, Printhink can construct a smart campaign which takes two (or more) small segments of your list, tests slightly different versions of your campaign on each segment, then sends the most successful campaign to the remainder of your list. Automatically.

Known as A/B testing, this type of sampling leads to a higher return on investment (ROI) for your marketing spend, just like Printhink’s Multi-Touch Marketing Campaigns.

Interested? Get in contact with us and we can start planning your next Multi-Touch campaign today.

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