We talk a lot about Multi-Touch Marketing, but what exactly is a touch?

Printhink classifies a touch as any part of a marketing campaign that “touches” a human or system other than our own. At its simplest, this could be an email to your client, or a phone call from sales, or even them receiving a teddy bear that was delivered by courier.

Each Touch can set up another series of Touches, depending on the response for the prospect. Here’s a diagram of a very simple Multi-Touch campaign:

Touch Graph

Looks a little complicated? It’s not, trust us! Really, all the above diagram illustrates is that every time we get a response, or don’t get a response, from a prospect, it can automatically trigger another touch to go out to them.

Here’s a slightly simpler example:

Touch Graph Basic

At its essence: At touch can be anything you want it to be, as long as it leads back to a PURL or GURL, and depending on how folks react to that PURL is how the next touch of the campaign will be sent out.

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