10 Minutes with us will save you money. Guaranteed.

If you are like most businesses, you realize the importance of high-quality print materials. Chances are, however, that your company is not purchasing your materials in a way that maximizes your buying power and creates cost efficiencies.

The printing trade is a highly specialized, custom manufacturing industry with hundreds of outlets in any given geographic area. To a layman it may seem as though all these printers are providing the same range of services. In reality most are highly specialized in producing a select group of products.

Does the person who is responsible for graphic purchases in your company have the time, inclination and expertise to find, contact and select the right printer for all of the different printed materials that you need?

Effective print and graphics purchasing involves a lot more than getting multiple quotes to try and save money. It is vital that you work very closely with your printer to find ways to improve the cost and effectiveness of your graphic communications. This may involve a review of all of your printed materials to gauge the impact of each product on a variety of levels.

Our Materials Evaluation Primer enables us to find savings for your business rapidly, and by you are willing to invest a small amount of your time we’ll identify the primary places you can save cash fast. We also guarantee that we’ll take up less than 10 minutes of your time to do so.

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