Beyond marketing material sourcing, Printhink is your partner in solution finding with a solid track record in both fine tuning current marketing materials and presenting effective options for any new concepts or product lines your company may be considering. We leverage our experience, industry knowledge and supplier network to deliver affordable, “outside the square” solutions to make your marketing initiative stand out from the crowd.

Building on our experience, partner network and industry knowledge, Printhink offers our trademark MultiTouch Marketing solution, which allows you to communicate with your customer on a personalised one-to-one basis through multiple communications mediums. This includes any form of email, regular mail, surveys, personalised URL’s (PURL’s), generic URL’s (GURL’s), text messaging and more, in an orchestrated campaign that can maintain contact with your target market. Maintaining that contact is the key to a successful marketing campaign, keeping your brand in the forefront of the customers mind.

To businesses who are multiple site, or made up of multiple installations like franchises and co-operatives, we offer our Corporate eStore. The Corporate eStore is an online ordering portal where head office can offer all printed and marketing materials, which can be ordered from anywhere with access to the internet. This enables head office to maintain branding standards, the look and feel of marketing materials and the quality of product across all stores and sites through our easy to use system. We also offer Retail eStores, which enable companies to leverage their current market to gain additional revenue streams and grow their market share.

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